A successful application has been made to change planning conditions at an adventure activity centre in Frodsham.

Hover Force, which operates off  Straight Length and is said to be a ‘one-stop location for high octane adrenaline-fuelled outdoor adventure activities’, sought to replace a temporary permission due to run out in October and to increase the number of days it is permitted to open.

The issue was brought before the borough’s planning committee by Frodsham councillor Lynn Riley on account of the limited time since the previous approval.

The green belt centre had temporary permission earlier this year but had been running since last October and before that for three years on nearby land at Brook Furlong, according to a report.

Frodsham Town Council objected citing complaints about access to the site and to public footpaths. Councillors believed increasing the days and hours of operation would have an adverse effect on a school and residents and might impact on wildlife. 

Environmental specialists said the business had operated without any noise complaints.

Letters of support were received from the landowner who explained she needed to sell the land to secure her future and from Llandudno-based Blind Veterans UK which explained the centre’s activities gave their members a sense of well-being, improved confidence and self-esteem. 

A petition in support was also submitted which included names and signatures from 15 businesses in the Frodsham area which had traded with Hover Force along with two separate letters of support from local residents. Planners had two objections.

Hover Force explained that to secure long-term occupancy they had agreed to purchase the site and required confirmation of permanent planning permission.

“Our partnership with Frodsham Town and the local community is something we are fully committed to,” they said.

Planners accepted the business had continued to operate well and the move from the previous site was not thought to have had any detrimental effect on its ongoing success. 

High levels of maintenance of equipment were necessary which limited the number of full days that could be achieved and approval was sought to operate up to four days a week between 9.30am and 7.30pm.

The local economic benefits which had seen the business grow from one to 14 employees would continue.

The application was approved subject to conditions.