A MAN has been jailed for 22 weeks after he broke into his estranged mother’s house on the hunt for cash.

Harry George Dodd, 23, cut his finger while smashing the kitchen window of the home in Ellesmere Port and was later identified by his DNA.

His mum Angela subsequently sought a restraining order against her son, which was granted during a sentencing hearing at Chester Magistrates Court yesterday.

She had thrown him out in June after he damaged some of her property, reportedly leaving him with with no money or clothes. He received a conditional discharge for the offence.

Then on August 3 this year his mother came back from work at around 6pm to find the smashed window and around £120 missing.

She also found blood marks on the kitchen door and staircase, and suspected her son had broken in as he was “addicted to drugs”.

Crime Scene Investigators (CSI) attended and swiftly confirmed the blood matched the defendant’s.

Dodd, who has been living with his partner at Park Way, Saughall, then took to Facebook to make threats to his mum and her partner, saying: “I’m coming for you before I get sentenced.”

He pleaded guilty to burglary, harassment, and possession of a small quantity of cannabis which was found when police conducted a search.

Becky Hay, defending, said Dodd had ADHD which sometimes caused him to “fly off the handle”.

He “lost everything”, including his job, after his mother threw him out, she said.

He had no intention of carrying out any of his Facebook threats and only wrote them after having a few drinks.

His partner had seen the posts and immediately told him to delete them, which he did. Unfortunately, his mum and her partner had noticed them.

“He is thoroughly ashamed of his behaviour,” Miss Hay said.

She urged the court to impose a community order or suspended sentence, but a probation officer told magistrates Dodd had failed to comply with the terms of his previous order.

He had carried out just one of 120 hours of unpaid work imposed on him in June, the court heard.

Besides his jail sentence, Dodd must also pay £270 in compensation to the victims as well as a £115 victim surcharge.

The restraining order bans him from contacting his mother and her partner for a period of two years.

Dodd, who has four previous convictions for eight offences, blew his partner kisses as he was led from the dock.