A GARAGE manager launched a foul-mouthed racist rant at a traffic warden in Chester saying he was the same colour as his black BMW.

Mark Winstanley, 36, saw red after he spotted Atina Ndindeng putting a ticket on his car, which was parked on double yellow lines.

He claimed he had only been 10 seconds outside the time-frame permitted on Faulkner Street, Hoole, on March 19.

Chester Magistrates Court heard yesterday that Winstanley hurled a tirade of abuse at the traffic enforcement officer – all of which was captured on the victim’s body camera.

Winstanley, of Broadway East, Newton, Chester, pleaded guilty to racially aggravated provocation of violence and said he was “disgusted” and “ashamed” by his behaviour.

He was handed a 12-month community order and must carry out 200 hours of unpaid work as well as paying compensation of £100 to Mr Ndindeng.

Prosecutor Simon Pover described the incident as “quite unsavoury”.

The body camera footage retrieved by police clearly showed the defendant referring to the enforcement officer as a “****ing black ****” and saying “I'm going to **** you over, ******”.

Winstanley, who was sober, walked off only to return a short while later to continue his vile rant, referring to the victim as a “****ing liar” and a “little ****ing ****”.

Mr Pover told the court: “He then said ‘you’re the same colour as my car', while tapping his motor vehicle.”

Winstanley, who has 14 previous convictions for 25 offences, later confirmed his involvement in the incident during a police interview.

“He admitted he was angry and ranting but couldn't recall what was said,” Mr Pover said.

“He didn’t believe the victim was frightened. He said he was egging him on and getting him more angry. He said he wasn't a racist and was ashamed and disgusted with himself.”

Paul Davison, defending, said his client had made full admissions and apologised for his actions.

He reacted angrily thinking he was only 10 seconds over the time limit when his car was ticketed.

“He has expressed remorse for having spoken to the traffic warden in that manner,” Mr Davison said. “He was ashamed of his behaviour and offered his apologies.”

Winstanley also pleaded guilty to driving with no insurance and without an appropriate licence. He was handed eight penalty points which, when combined with the existing six points, put him over the points limit and resulted in a ban from driving for six months.

He must also pay £85 in court costs and an £85 victim surcharge.