POLICE have vowed to step up patrols in areas where loutish behaviour is reported during the summer holidays.

Officers are urging potentially bored youngsters to take part in community events rather than succumb to peer pressure and be tempted to break the law.

Supt Peter Crowcroft said: “Although young people are rightly excited about the idea of a six-week holiday, they can sometimes end up getting bored, and perhaps fall into mischie, doing something they may later regret.

“While we want young people to have a good time, we don’t want them to fall into trouble and anti-social behaviour, which harms other people and causes concern among the local community. This is not acceptable.

“The majority of young people are well behaved and many get involved in local summer holidaY community events.

“I’d strongly encourage young people to look at their local council websites for details of things to do in their area and get involved in local activities.”

Cheshire Crime Commissioner David Keane said: “Anti-social behaviour can have a major impact on our local communities.

“While the majority of people stay out of trouble, there is a small number who sometimes get involved in activities they may later regret. This can be a particular issue for young people at this time of year, due to boredom or peer pressure.

“Interacting with young people is a vital part of the work Local Policing Units undertake, especially in school summer holidays.

“I’d like to thank officers and staff for the work being done to ensure the public of Cheshire is safe and encourage all young people across Cheshire to get involved in positive community events taking place across the county.”

Anyone concerned about anti-social behaviour in their local community is urged to contact Cheshire police on 101, or engage with their local policing team at the various priority setting and engagement events held locally. Details of these are available on our website.