THE huge success of the Pokémon Go historical hunt in Chester at the weekend will have the city begging for  Pokémon to come again and stay.

The city’s heritage buildings were thronging with thousands of Pokémon players at the weekend with every hotel room and bed and breakfast booked out on Saturday night.

Everyone we spoke to had nothing for the highest praise both for the historically themed geo-character hunt and for the city itself.

People came from all over the country for the inaugural Pokémon rally/hunt.

A number said it was their first visit to Chester and they were so impressed with beautiful city that they intend to come for a more relaxing long-weekend stay next time to enjoy the city’s many attractions.

Graham Parkinson and his wife Fran were over from Liverpool for the day with their five-year-old son Brân and baby daughter Rhiannon (eight months).

They were full of praise for the city and the Pokémon event.

“Everythings’s been been really well organised and we’re really enjoying the history trail – including going to the Castle which is open for the first time today.

“There a great buzz about the place – a great atmosphere.

“Friends came yesterday and they loved it too although they had occasional problems getting a signal because the network was so busy,” said Graham.

Andrew Hardy and his wife Charlotte and brother David came over from Huddersfield.

They had wanted to come for the weekend but couldn’t find an empty bed anywhere in the city.

“I think it’s a fabulous success. Everyone’s really friendly and the volunteers are really helpful,” said Andrew.

His wife Charlotte said it was their first time in Chester and they would like to come back again.

David Hardy said it was great that so many Pokémon players were in one place at once.

“Normally you get funny looks but the city’s teaming with players – so it’s great,” he said. 

Hungarian couple Gabor Takacs. 32, and Valeria Szilasi, 29, were in the city for the day with their four Jack Russell and Chihuahua crossbred pets.

They have been to the zoo before but it was their first venture into the city – and they were liking what they saw.

“There are loads of people of all nationalities all focused on the same thing. Pokémon is a common language, it's great,” said Gabor.

Valeria added. “The city is beautiful and it’s really fun. And the weather isn’t bad for England either.”

Shirelle Peters from Dudley was on a day trip with boyfriend Matt Oakes from West Bromwich.

“We’re fans of the city anyway – so to get to do Pokémon  is an added bonus. The atmosphere’s great but were doing all the sights and it’s pretty tiring,” said Shirelle.

Teacher Myles Banton, 23, from London, said he had travelled up for the day and had one or two problems with phone connectivity but was enjoying his visit nonetheless.

“It’s my first time in Chester and it’s a really lovely city. I’ll be coming back again,” he said.