A WOMAN has launched a fundraising campaign to support a relative in Mexico after he suffered horrific injuries in a road accident.

In April, 22-year-old Eduardo Fajardo had to have his leg amputated, as well as suffering a catalogue of injuries to his face and chest, after being hit by a car.

Teresa Fajardo, a language teacher from Hoole, is raising money to contribute towards a prosthetic leg and permanent dentures to replace the five teeth Eduardo lost in the incident.

Teresa, who is a member of Chester Road Runners and has run six marathons since 2014, said: “The son of my cousin in Mexico was ran over on April 27. He was left with a collapsed lung and eight fractures on his ribs. His left leg was so badly split from the body that had to be amputated. He lost five top front teeth. His lips have started sinking inwards, like an old person’s. He is only 22.

“He spent 48 hours in a coma, fighting for his life.

“Medical care is being paid by his parents. Friends and family have contributed towards the costs.”

Teresa is hoping to raise money for dentures and a prosthetic leg, which will cost a total of more than £5,500.

Teresa added: “I was simply going to contribute towards his hospital costs but after seeing the graphic photos, I deeply felt for this unlucky lad. He is only 22 years old. I am committed to first raise £1,300 towards his dental work as soon as possible.”

Teresa has already raised £720 by organising a tombola at a school fair, a coffee morning and a table top sale. That sum, combined with a donation of £1,000 from a family in Mexico, will cover the cost of Eduardo’s dental work.

Teresa, who is planning to visit Eduardo in Mexico next month, said: “So the dental work is covered now with a start towards the prosthesis.

“Even a pound helps,” she added. “A travel agent or anyone with contacts to an airline perhaps could help even towards my dream of bringing him over to get him fitte d for a prosthetic leg here. He would meet people who have already sponsored him. I just need to gather the money for the leg. With nothing like the NHS even the most basic leg is not an option in Mexico, unless it is paid for.

“Eduardo is doing really well, he’s strong in his mind and realises he is lucky to be alive. Let’s make his life better by helping him walk as normally as he will ever be able to with an artificial leg, rather than using crutches for years to come.”

Teresa has prizes that can be donated for fundraising events, such as quizzes, and is also collecting old mobile phones that can be sold in Mexico.

Contact Teresa on caramba3.tf@gmail.com or visit http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/