Former nurse stabbed herself to death in Chester

Published date: 31 July 2014 |
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A WOMAN stabbed herself in the heart after suffering for years with chronic pain, an inquest heard. 

Susan Lofthouse, 53, died from a huge loss of blood, in Haygarth Heights, Chester, on March 29 this year. 

Mrs Lofthouse, who was born in North Wales but had gone to school in Farndon and Tattenhall, spent much of her life living in Canada with her former husband before moving back to the UK in 2013.

Mrs Lofthouse, of Hackthorne Road, Durrington, Wiltshire, took her own life after suffering from chronic pain caused by fibromyalgia for seven years. A former nurse, she was forced to retire because of the condition and the inquest heard evidence from some of her family members which said she was very down about having to leave work. 

The inquest, held at West Cheshire Magistrates Court, heard evidence from her GP Dr Suzanne MacDonald, of the Avon Valley Practice, in Wiltshire.  A statement detailed the treatment of her fibromyalgia as well as the GP’s attempts to get help for her depression which was a result of the pain. 

 Dr MacDonald said in her statement that Mrs Lofthouse often felt “low” and had “some suicidal ideation” and recommended she see a psychologist and start anti-depressant drugs. 

Mrs Lofthouse did begin to take the drugs in March and saw a psychologist before she went to visit her brother, David Huxley, in Chester. 

Mr Huxley said when his sister moved back to the UK in October 2013, she  looked healthy but when she came to stay in March, she had lost weight. 

He said: “I was shocked to see how much weight she had lost so me and my wife were making big meals for her and then she seemed fine. “

The day before her death Mr Huxley’s wife, Joan, took her to St Werburgh’s Church for communion before going back home. 

The next day, March 29, Mrs Huxley got up at around 7.45am and then woke up her husband after she found a paper towel with blood on it . He then went into Mrs Lofthouse’s room and found her unresponsive. 

Mr Huxley added: “She was the last person you would have thought would have taken her own life. 

“She was always so bubbly and the light and soul of the party.” 

Assistant coroner for Cheshire, Michael Wallbank, said that Mrs Lofthouse died from a stab wound to the heart which cut her left carotid artery and pierced her heart and lung. Mr Wallbank concluded that Mrs Lofthouse took her own life.

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