Reptile found in long grass in Chester

Published date: 03 July 2014 |
Published by: Natalie Barnett 
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JUST imagine the surprise for one unsuspecting passer-by who came across this unusual looking North American corn snake after it went AWOL and made a slither for it on the roadside near Chester.

The one-and-a-half foot long brownish yellow carnivorous reptile – often mistaken for a menacing looking, poisonous, biting Copperhead species – was calmly but hurriedly rescued in Saughall.

It now finds itself temporarily rehoused at the Contact Pets shop on The Parade at Blacon – waiting for its owner to come forward and reclaim it.

Petshop owner Dave Clark says the particular baby corn snake he has given a temporary home to is not dangerous – although such a discovery may have come as a surprise for the finder.

Its finder, a customer of Contact Pets, discovered the pet snake,which is ordinarily expected to survive for just two days in the wild in this country, in grassland in Saughall last week.

Copperhead snakes are one of the more commonly seen North American snakes and also the most likely to bite.

Although Copperheads are poisonous, their bites are rarely fatal for humans.

“The corn snake is an American species and quite a common pet.

“Although not dangerous, this particular type of snake does not survive very long in the wild in this country – so it’s lucky the finder made the discovery when they did.

“Now we are appealing to the snakes owner to come forward and so that they can be reunited with their pet,” said Mr Clark.

The owner of the missing snake is urged to speak to manager Dave Clark at Contact Pets on 01244 377442.

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