Backford hospice refurb is almost complete

Published date: 26 March 2014 |
Published by: Neil Bellis
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THE Hospice of the Good Shepherd has nearly completed a “long overdue”£510,000 refurbishment of its facilities.

The 12-bed hospice, in Backford, has been open for nearly 25 years.

This is the first time the facility has been able to update the fixtures and fittings at the site after an NHS grant.

The Leader was invited to enjoy a sneak peek at the facility – which looks after patients with complex illnesses – just before the work is finished to take a look at what has been changed.

It is almost entirely funded by donations from the public.

Among the changes are new beds for all the patients, costing about £33,000; new hoists and patient areas to make it easier for patients to be moved out of their room; a new bathroom, with dimmer lights to create a relaxing atmosphere for patients; a new family room so families can stay overnight in comfort; a new kitchen; an upgraded sluice and medicine room and a new vehicle so patients can be transported to hospital without having an ambulance.

Vanessa Brown, clinical services manager at the hospice, said the upgrade would improve the care patients receive. She told the Leader: “We have improved everywhere. After all most of the interior was at least 25-years-old.

“An example is the lights above the beds for patients. The original ones were just table lamps bought from M&S, but now we have more modern lighting for patients.

The new beds for the patients can move up and down and are in control of the patient which means they should be much more comfortable and the new hoists mean they can move around more easily.

“We have also created a family room with pull out sofa beds and things which will mean family members will be able to stay overnight if they need to and it will be comfortable for them.

“The vehicle which we will be getting will also be really useful for taking our patients to hospital, which means it will free up an ambulance and will mean we can take our patients to special events more easily. We have, in the past, been able to take patients to things like weddings.”

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