Chester woman found dead under bed

Published date: 26 March 2014 |
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A DIVORCED mother of three from Chester was found dead under her bed after a drugs overdose, an inquest heard.

Sharon Addidle, 53, was discovered face down as her boyfriend Stephen Ison lay sleeping above, at Ms Adiddle’s flat in Dicksons Drive, Upton, on October 21 last year.

Police forced their way in to the address after concerns were raised as to Mr Ison’s whereabouts, and discovered Ms Addidle.

Ms Addidle, a former waitress at the Blossom’s Hotel, St John Street, Chester, had taken a quantity of amphetamine and methamphetamine in the hours before her death, the Chester inquest was told.

Mr Ison, who had been in a relationship with Ms Addidle for more than three years before her death, also admitted to taking 1g of amphetamine, the same quantity as Ms Addidle.

In a statement read out in the inquest, Mr Ison said the amphetamine that he shared with Ms Addidle had been from the same dealer, although in police interview Mr Ison would not identify the name of the dealer when asked the inquest was told.

Medical notes read out revealed Ms Addidle had a long history of alcohol and drug dependency, and had previously been taking methadone.

She also suffered with anxiety and depression along with other medical problems.

Ms Addidle’s mother Sylvia Woolley, told the inquest she was not aware of the extent of her daughter’s problems and how she thought she had hid them from her to stop her worrying.

“I wasn’t worried about her, I thought she was ok. It was a terrible shock,” said Mrs Woolley.

In a police statement following his girlfriend’s death, Mr Ison told how Ms Addidle had called him on the day of her death asking him to come to her flat. He said the couple lay on the bed and she had asked if he loved her. He told how after taking the drug he felt unwell and was “tripping”. He said he passed out on the bed and the next thing he recalled was being woken by the police and discovering Ms Addidle was dead under the bed. He said he did not recall Ms Addidle taking anything else that day.

Detective Constable Christopher Owens from Cheshire Police told how a major investigation was launched in to Ms Addidle’s death and how Mr Ison was initially arrested on suspicion of murder.

A toxicology report revealed Ms Addidle had 2.2mg per litre of amphetamine and 3.7mg of methamphetamine in her blood. Experts told the hearing that such levels could be potentially fatal and was probably the cause of her death.

In conclusion Ms Addidle’s death was caused by 1a amphetamine and methamphetamine toxicity.

Assistant deputy coroner for Cheshire Dr Janet Napier concluded misadventure, telling Ms Addidle’s family: “This was an awful outcome. There is no evidence to suggest she wanted to harm herself.”

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