Hope girl's joy as missing cat is found - 28 miles away

Published date: 14 March 2014 |
Published by: Elin McDonald
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A MYSTERIOUS missing cat has baffled her owners after she turned up almost 30 miles away from where she disappeared.

White female cat Squeak went missing from her home in Hope on Saturday, leaving six-year-old owner Bethan Jones and dad Ioan distraught.

But their hearts skipped a beat when they got a call to say Squeak – who was given to Bethan as a sixth birthday present – had resurfaced 28 miles away in Winsford, Cheshire.

Mr Jones, noticed she was missing after he and Bethan returned home from Chester Zoo on Saturday. They had put Squeak out as normal before going to the zoo but there was no sign of her later that day.

But Mr Jones was left speechless when the phone rang two days later to tell him Squeak had been found in Winsford.

How the well-travelled puss got there tested the theory cats have nine lives.

She was firstly spotted in Chester, where she was glimpsed wandering around the Matalan store car park by a couple who assumed she was a local cat.

After shopping, they drove back home to Winsford but when they went to unpack the car the couple could hear a meow coming from under the bonnet.

They popped the hood and found Squeak inside next to the engine.

After taking her to the vet, she was identified by her microchip and reunited with her loving young owner.

Mr Jones picked Bethan up from school at Ysgol Estyn in Hope and collected Squeak from Winsford later on Monday.

Mr Jones said: “She was missing all weekend and Bethan was very upset.

“On Sunday night I even left the back door open through the night in case she came back.

“We really don’t know how the cat got to Chester in the first place – she must have walked there.

“I think she must have liked the warmth of the car engine to climb under the bonnet like that.

“I received a phone call on Monday afternoon from a vet in Winsford telling me he had found our cat. Luckily she is microchipped so the vet was able to return her to us.

“Squeak is now home safe and sound and Bethan is very happy to have her cat back.”

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