Chester couple's escape after tree falls onto house

Published date: 21 February 2014 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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MORE than a week after the storms which battered the city one of the more unusual sights of its aftermath is yet to be cleared away.

One 70ft tree is balanced precariously on the roof of a house in Brook Lane and another of similar size is stuck in the branches of a tree above a garage.

But there was no loud bang or crash to alert the occupiers to what had happened.

“There was a gentle thud,” said David Blackmore who lives in the property and was having dinner with his wife when he heard the noise.

“I thought it was just a branch coming down on the lawn but my wife went outside a little later to get the bins because they had been blowing all over the garden and was confronted with the sight of the tree.”

The trees, two evergreens from the Scots pine family, are due to be lifted off the property by crane on Monday.

Mr Blackmore said: “We have been extremely lucky. It is almost a miracle. The trees fell over from their roots rather than the trunk snapping so instead of crashing down through the house they came down slowly.

“A man I spoke to who saw them come down said they were almost graceful.

“If they had come crashing down they would have caused much more damage. The first one which went down was stopped from falling onto my garage by a beech tree. The second fell onto my house but we don’t think it has done major damage, just a couple of branches which have punched holes in the roof. Not a pane of glass is broken. We have got away with it really.“

Once the trees are removed a full damage assessment can be made. Mr Blackmore says he doesn’t know the cost of the repair bill yet as he is still talking to his insurance company about the incident.

In last Wednesday’s storms 150 trees came down in the area and there was a 60 per cent increase in calls to Cheshire Police due to weather-related incidents.

No one was injured in Cheshire during the storms and a number of residents helped remove debris from roads across the county.

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