Connah's Quay driver in police chase is jailed

Published date: 17 February 2014 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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A FLINTSHIRE man has been jailed after refusing to stop for police and failing to provide a specimen.

Steven Evans, 41, was driving in Chester but raced off when approached by a police car which had its blue lights flashing.

West Cheshire magistrates heard how on December 14 last year, Evans, a glass safety expert from Kingston Drive, Connah’s Quay, admitted a charge of failing to provide a specimen.

The court heard how he forced a police officer to pursue him at speeds of up to 100mph.

After the pursuit, Evans jumped from the driver’s seat and ran away, forcing the officer to run after him.

The officer told Evans to stop and warned him he would use incapacity spray if Evans did not surrender.

When the officer did direct the spray at Evans, Evans continued running, heading around the back of a house.

After leaping over a five-foot garden fence, Evans was getting to his feet when the officer sprayed him again.

This time the spray took effect.

Evans, who works at Quinn Glass in Elton, refused to give his details or to explain his actions and was taken to a police station where he initially refused again to give his details and also failed to provide a specimen.

Evans finally told officers his name but refused to provide a specimen, saying he wanted to see a solicitor despite being advised several times that he did not have the right to refuse.

Lois Cullen, defending, said her client had just panicked when he saw the police lights and although he accepted he may have been speeding, disputed having been driving at 100mph.

Miss Cullen said Evans had been on a work’s night out the previous evening and leaving home at 5am the next day, was rushing to work because he was late and the roads ‘were empty’.

“I think he panicked,” she said. “And he just wished to speak to a solicitor before providing evidence,” she said.

She said Evans had a responsible job, training others in glass safety, and was in a settled relationship with a small son and another child on the way.

District Judge Michael Abelson said Evans who had ‘an awful record’ including offences relating to failing to stop after an accident and driving without due care and attention had shown ‘little remorse’ after being detained.

“Any law-abiding citizen who was caught in these circumstances just holds their hands up,” he said.

 “You ran off. The fact he had to use incapacity spray shows how serious your behaviour was.

“By the time you were caught and taken back to the station, you knew the score.

“Now was the time to do your bit but you refrained from giving your details and a specimen.

“I’ve got to think of decent road users’ safety,” said Mr Abelson.

Evans was sentenced to three months in jail.

He was also banned from driving for four years and told he must take a re-test after that time.

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