Teens in 'game' of horror near Chester

Published date: 12 February 2014 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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POLICE fear youths might be playing a “dangerous game” after two reports of objects being thrown off bridges at passing cars and motorbikes on a busy main road.

Cheshire Police have launched an investigation after two separate complaints of teenagers throwing objects from bridges over the A55, a busy by-pass, by Vicars Cross.

In one of the incidents a car was struck, causing minor damage to the roof.

Police fear the pranks could lead to a serious pilie-up - putting lives at risk.

The first incident happened on January 9 at about 9.15am where a male on a motorbike was targeted. A rubber ball was thrown at him from Pearl Lane bridge over the A55 but luckily the rubber ball missed the motorcyclist and there was no accident or injury caused.

The second incident took place on February 9 at about 6.40pm when an unknown object hit the roof of a black Ford Fiesta which was being driven towards Ellesmere Port. The object was thrown from the Tarvin Road roundabout, next to Chester Rugby Club, and scratched the roof of the car.

PC Dave Walton, of Western Rural policing team, said the shock of something landing on a car may cause a crash.

PC Walton said: “It is very dangerous. The culprits have been described as youths so if anyone is aware of people standing on bridges then please report it and we can catch them in the act.

“The concern is that it is the same area which it is happening. It is possible that it is a dangerous game they are playing.

“Cars travelling at speed getting hit by anything could cause panic in the driver or an accident.

“So far the damage has been minor but it is more the shock of something landing on your car.”

Anyone with information about the incidents are asked to call Cheshire Police on 101 quoting incident number 699 from February 9.

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Comments are closed for this story.


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