Officers had to taser jilted ex-convict in Lache

Published date: 04 February 2014 |
Published by: Natalie Barnett 
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A MAN released from jail for just a few hours took to the bottle after he discovered his partner had jilted him and was now in a relationship with his identical twin’s 18-year-old son.

Keith John Ashworth had to be tasered by police officers after he threatened them with a screwdriver and broom handle, a Chester court heard yesterday.

Ashworth had been released from prison for just 12 hours when he set about his drunken rampage after police arrived to arrest him for another offence.

Ashworth, 36, drank a mixture of whiskey and lager after learning his girlfriend had started a relationship with his nephew, Michael Hemsley, defending, told West Cheshire Magistrates Court.

In the early hours of February 1, while drunk, Ashworth was spotted interfering with two vehicles in the street near his home in Lache Hall Crescent, Lache and a neighbour called police.

Rob Youds, prosecuting, said when police arrived at Ashworth’s home Ashworth jumped onto a coffee table brandishing a screwdriver.

On hearing he might be arrested, Ashworth swore at police before throwing the screwdriver down and jumping behind the couch, where he started waving a metal brush pole around telling police: “I will have all of you.”

He then told officers: “Next time I see you I will be tooled up and I will have you,” Mr Youds said.

Police were forced to taser Ashworth twice to bring him under control and he was arrested. He later told police he had “hit the ale hard” and did not have a full recognition of the events.

He said he had been drinking whiskey and lager and remembered getting into the cars but said he had no intention of stealing them or taking anything from them.

Ashworth pleaded guilty to affray and two charges of interfering with vehicles in the early hours of February 1. He later apologised to police and said he was sorry for his actions and making threats.

Mr Hemsley described “an unhappy incident” to the court. He said: “I feel somewhat sorry for Mr Ashworth as having spent three months in custody and having been written to every week by his former partner, within 12 hours of his release he receives a text message from her saying sorry it was all over and she was going out with his brother’s son, Mr Ashworth’s nephew.

“I can think of nothing more cruel than that, having an affair with this 18-year-old boy.

“That is when Mr Ashworth went out and sought the company of Jack Daniel’s and drank too much.

“He is remorseful for his actions and wanted to apologise personally to police for his behaviour.”

Magistrates jailed Ashworth for 16 weeks.

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