Frodsham drink-driver vows not to drive again

Published date: 20 January 2014 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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A FORMER HGV driver who was twice above the drink-driver limit has vowed never to get behind the wheel again after being banned from driving.

James Cooper, 63, of Hayes Crescent, Frodsham, said he was so “ashamed and disgusted” with his behaviour he would not be applying for his licence after his 20-month ban ended.

West Cheshire Magistrates Court heard Cooper was stopped by police on St Hilda’s Drive, Frodsham, as police spotted a car that didn’t stop when pulling out into the road from a car park.

They followed the blue Peugeot for a short time where it repeatedly drifted into the middle of the road before being pulled over.

The court heard Cooper had been to a charity night to help raise money for a cancer charity and drank alcohol.

Cooper and his partner had driven to the event and got a taxi home, but realised they had left the house keys inside the car accidentally.

Cooper walked back to the event, which was about 10 minutes’ walk from his house, to get the keys and made the decision to drive.

Cooper told the court he was “disgusted” with himself and would not apply for a licence after he completed his ban.

Magistrates gave Cooper a 20-month driving ban, fined him £200 and ordered him to pay court costs of £85 and a £20 victim surcharge.

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