Review: trioVD, 'Maze' (out now)

Published date: 05 July 2012 |
Published by: Emma Mackintosh
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Naim Audio - out now

NO messing about - this album dives straight into a sonic wall of bleepy weirdness before stomping along like Jack White playing with a wobble board and blowing into a duck whistle. Then a Marilyn Manson bassline cuts in, a police siren, some drums, some distortion and - yes - some kind of saxophone. Before you know it you feel like you're sliding down one of those completely enclosed waterslides head-first and you've forgotten why.

'This is mental,' you think, and then suddenly it ends. Track two 'Interlocking' continues in the same vein - someone is mashing their palms against a piano and playing with a triangle, some others are playing guitars in a pseudo-tuneful fashion. This makes 'Sergeant Pepper's…' sound like Peppa Pig.

Track three 'Ups' features a cooing baby and more saxophone. 'Morse' sounds like an old-fashion printer played over a Reel Big Fish track which is going backwards.

Closing track 'Pet Shop Boys' could almost be a decent house music track if it wasn't completely insane.

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