Blue Planet celebrates birth of baby otters

Published date: 28 June 2012 |
Published by: Robert Platt
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AQUARIUM staff in Ellesmere Port are celebrating the birth of four new baby otters.

The tiny pups, each weighing less than 60 grams, are only the second pair to have been born at Blue Planet Aquarium, in Cheshire Oaks.

In 2010 the same mum gave birth to a set of rare white otters and keepers are waiting to see if these latest babies will share the same characteristics.

Keeper Rebecca Goodwin said: “It’s still too early to say for certain and we don’t want to disturb either the pups or mum but from the limited views we have been able to get the babies do appear to have extremely light coloured fur.”

Initially the pups will be fed solely on their mother’s milk which has six times more fat than cow’s milk. Their father will also take an active role in rearing them.

The pups are born blind and it is only after about 40 days their eyes open for the first time. They start appearing outside the holt at around seven weeks and the mother will teach them how to swim two to five weeks later.

Since the births staff have only been able to catch occasional glimpses of the babies as they are moved around by their mother.

”She’s very protective of her cubs and won't let anyone get close to them,” said Rebecca.

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