Stadium car plan may cost residents £60

Published date: 19 June 2012 |
Published by: Staff reporter
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The Racecourse Ground 

RESIDENTS could face paying £60 each to solve the problem of football fans clogging up the streets where they live on match days.

But a solution may be in the pipeline if local councillors’ idea for a match-day-only, residents-only parking scheme goes ahead.

Last week householders from the streets around the Racecourse stadium met with representatives from the police, Wrexham Council, stadium owners Glyndwr University and football and rugby club bosses to discuss the problem of match-day parking.

Windsor Drive resident Chris Jones, 59, said he had returned home one day with his caravan and could not get down the road because of fans’ cars on both sides of the road.

He said a fire engine or ambulance would not have been able to either.

“Next time I will take dimensions and take this up with the Health and Safety Inspectorate,” he said, “There’s a tragedy waiting to happen.”

Peter Jones, football liaison officer for North Wales Police, said the force no longer had the legal power to stop motorists using roads, except in emergencies and could only move cars if there was an obstruction.

What was deemed an obstruction had to be judged on a case-by-case basis by the officer on the scene, he said.

Duncan Green, of Wrexham Council’s highways department, added the council only had responsibility for traffic offences such as parking on double yellow lines.

He said a residents-only parking scheme on selected roads was possible but would have to be funded by the residents themselves.

Currently, if more than half the residents on any street demand such a scheme then, for £60 a year per car, they can get stickers and signs so that only they can park there.

In response to calls that Glyndwr should pay for such a scheme, stadium manager Anna-Marie Brown said the university did not have the money to fund it.

She said there would continue to be a paid-for car park at the ground, run with Wrexham Supporters Association.

Parking was currently £3, though may raise to £4 for the next season.
Residents responded angrily, suggesting the price should be dropped, not raised.

But Brynyffynnon councillor Phil Wynne said he had spoken to Stansty councillor David Bithell and Grosvenor councillor Steve Wilson about getting together a list of streets affected near the stadium and proposing a residents-only parking scheme covering all of them on match-days only.

The restrictions would only be in force for about 40 days a year, he said, and cost much less.

He suggested if cheap enough, Glyndwr might be willing to meet the cost, perhaps diverting funds from the paid-for car park.

“There’s a lot to be investigated but if the price tag can be brought down to a reasonable cost then that’s what we should be pushing for,” he said.

Ms Brown said she would take residents’ comments back to Glyndwr bosses.
“We’re trying to make changes but it’s a huge ship we’re turning and it will take some time,” she said.

Wrexham Supporters Trust chief executive David Roberts said at the meeting that match stewards would now be parking in the grounds of Glyndwr University, rather than on side streets.

He said they were in talks with the council to free up the use of University car parks for match-goers, which at the moment needed a change of planning permission.
He also said the club would have a campaign of announcements to supporters to park in designated spaces.

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  1. Posted by: wrexhamafc at 17:07 on 19 June 2012 Report

    David Roberts is CEO of Wrexham FC NOT the Wrexham Supporters Trust.

  2. Posted by: mfm103.4 at 18:16 on 19 June 2012 Report

    If the cars are taxed, insured, have an mot and not parked illegally, they have just as much right to park on the streets as the residents! And if its such a problem 16pence a day to stop them parking there occasionally shouldn't be a problem. We all pay our road and council tax even if they dont live on your street!

  3. Posted by: wxm_bsp at 18:26 on 19 June 2012 Report

    The football ground has been there a lot longer that many of the residents, so what do they expect living right by a football ground?! Why are the council wasting money on such a trivial matter? There are parking issues everywhere in the county, especially around schools which involves safety rather than a bit of inconvenience... do a resident scheme for one road and be prepared to waste more money as others demand it.

  4. Posted by: wrexhamafc at 19:23 on 19 June 2012 Report

    Perhaps the council should increase the rates on the companies in the area with large UNUSED parking after office hours, such as Denelm, B&Q etc., until they allow parking there. The reason fans use side streets is because there is nowhere else to park,yet all the big car parks stand empty for fear of getting 'fines'?

  5. Posted by: klingpin at 21:10 on 19 June 2012 Report

    why should denelm, b and q etc provide parking for wrexham football club, its their car park and they pay more than a fair share of tax and rates on the land which they rent or own, so to suggest charging them more tax is absurd!!!

  6. Posted by: mfm103.4 at 22:21 on 19 June 2012 Report

    supporters used to park in the disused and practically derelict old social services car park in grosvenor rd which has been empty for 4 yrs, car park is full of rubbish, pot holes and over grown bushes but Wrexham council decided to spends £1000's council tax payer money to block it all off to all but a few council office workers. some much for austerity....

  7. Posted by: wrexhamafc at 09:26 on 20 June 2012 Report

    What is absurd is the fact that there is so much parking space NOT USED after shop hours. How can Glyndwr run ANY event at the Racecourse without parking? When you have faceless companies who gobble up all available space, leave it empty with no though for local amenity, that's why there's never any large events in Wrexham. The eisteddfod was a one off, and cost the tax payer money, putting pressure on companies who have no evening use for space, and could make money themselves is common sense

  8. Posted by: klingpin at 19:35 on 20 June 2012 Report

    @ wrexhamafc, these companies pay there rent and have the right to do as they please with their car parks, how would you feel if you had enough space for an extra 4 cars on your drive, and the government then start a plan to make people with spare off road parking allow other people to use it as they dont have their own off road parking! dont think you would be too happy would you!

  9. Posted by: zigzagger at 15:56 on 21 June 2012 Report

    with regard to the comments on you can park anywhere,this comment will only come from the selfish and inconsiderate people that are not thinking of others,the issue here is also about emergency services gaining access to these roads when these games are on as we have had incidents concerning these issues where cars have prevented access to emergency services taking longer to respond because of parked vehicles.


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