Cyclists to call for 20mph limits in Chester

Published date: 24 January 2012 |
Published by: Robert Platt
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CYCLE campaigners will be calling for speed limits to be lowered in Chester at an event later this month.

Rod King, of the Campaign Group 20’s Plenty, is to speak at the Cheshire West and Chester Council’s city community forum on Monday, January 30.

The meeting  is being held in the Westminster Building, University of Chester, Parkgate Road, and will start at 7pm.

Simon Brown, from the Chester Cycling Campaign, said: “Many council areas across England have now adopted a default 20 mph limit for their residential areas and have seen the consequent benefits in reductions of children and young people, elderly and cyclist casualty figures in their areas.

“For example, Warrington and Wirral Councils have both adopted this approach. There is now plenty of evidence that a ‘whole area’ approach rather than a ‘piecemeal approach’ is effective at making areas where people live much safer and more pleasant by significantly reducing traffic speeds and modifying driver behaviour.

“Unfortunately Cheshire West and Chester Council, despite recognising the benefits of lower speeds for vulnerable highway users, have left it to local lobbying on a street by street basis to implement 20 mph speed limits.

This is not only costly in terms of councillor, officer and council time to deal with but is wasteful as areas across the borough are gradually included in the lower speed areas, as signage is put up and then changed as areas change.

“Not only that but sporadic and piecemeal 20 mph limit areas do not have a great effect on driver behaviour either.”

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