Review: Cymbals Eat Guitars, 'Lenses Alien'

Published date: 13 October 2011 |
Published by: Emma Mackintosh
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Cymbals Eat Guitars
Lenses Alien
(Memphis Industries) - out now

I LOVE this album.

This is a band who are demonstrably self-assured, lyrically as well as melodically. For anyone who is a fan of Brand New or similar bands then you have got to give these guys a listen.

They’ve already supported the Flaming Flips and the Hold Steady on tour and are currently riding high on the iTunes ‘free MP3’ list, I noticed, which (without being patronising) will surely provide a big boost for them.

This is only their second album and it is a formidable body of work, and daring too, opening with a seven minute wailer of a song. Their record company have described the album as ‘relentlessly complex’ and I can see where they’re coming from - this is not a shallow piece of work, there is depth and storyline here.

On the track Definite Darkness, Joseph D’Agostino sings: ‘there are people who put dirty hypodermic needles/between the seat cushions in the movie theatre... a skinless and sinewy leviathan/all terrible contradiction and release.’ And yet the album is not overwrought or pretentious; far from it, it is as though drummer Matt Miller, keyboardist Brian Hamilton and bassist Matthew Whipple simply get on
with making a fantastic sound while songwriter and lead vocalist D’Agostino does his thing.

This is a record which just keeps on giving and I am genuinely excited for album number three.

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