REVIEW: Boomtown Fair 2012


Saul Mulvey

BOOMTOWN Fair, the world’s maddest City? Well to be completely honest, the answer to that question is a simple one and the only conclusion that anyone who experienced Boomtown this year could possibly come to is yes!

I have been to many music events and festivals over the years, but never before have I witnessed such ingenuity, Boomtown is exactly what it says on the tin, a town delivering as much boom as anyone could want.

The idea is a simple one, but the production that goes into making it a reality boggles the mind.

At every other festival I’ve been to you have different areas with different stages offering different music, but take a walk around Matterley Estate during this event and you really are in a town. Streets leading to more and more streets with very cleverly designed building fronts, but not just for show, they all serve a purpose, each containing something new and exciting to immerse yourself in, from dancehalls, discotheques, themed bars, and stalls offering a cacophony of vibrant, energetic, and often quirky experiences.

With friendly staff and stewards who are ready and willing to help with whatever you need, even the usual drudgery of getting your car parked, getting through the gates, and getting your tent set up was easy and enjoyable, as far as I could see, and according to the numerous people I spoke to about their experiences the queues were at their most extreme only minimal.

With plenty of space for more than comfortable camping with no overcrowding, and yes I know what you are about to say, ‘but you are press, surely press get certain privileges’, that may well be the case, but it was for this reason entirely that we decided not to use the press facilities, so that I could give you an honest account from a ‘punters’ perspective. My friends and I were camped on top of a beautiful hill, giving us spectacular views of the full festival during night time, the only time I used my press privileges was when I needed to go backstage for a couple of interviews.

If all of this wasn’t enough to tickle your fancy, then let me suggest you look up videos on the internet of the Arcadia stage, I had heard about this fire breathing, smoke spitting behemoth of a mechanical spider like creature churning out amazing music while thousands of revellers danced underneath and thought that it can’t possibly be as extreme as people were suggesting, but if I can give you one tip, find out where it is going to be next and go there!

Add to that a line-up that is so genuinely diverse there really is something for everyone, and Boomtown fair delivers a truly unique experience that I would recommend to anyone.

I caught up with my two favourite artists on the bill to have a quick chat, Audio was performing at the Bodyshop, while High Rankin was in the Bassline Circus.


What did you think of Boomtown Fair? Yeah was great man, really didn't expect to see what I did, may even go next year just to get on it, everyone was ready to party big time.

I hear you have a new album coming soon, can you give us any details? I have, release is scheduled for around October time, 11 brand new tunes, 3 colabs , expect some bangers and some different vibes on there , obviously it's coming on Virus Recordings.

Who were your biggest inspirations back when you were an aspiring producer? I don't wanna sound like a mug but it was Ed Rush & Optical and their Wormhole LP, it changed my life and put me on the path I'm on now, and now I call them my friends it's weird how things turn out.

What was the most memorable set you’ve ever played? Probably Dour festival this year, it was amazing, thousands of people going mad to proper DnB , definitely one of my highlights this year.

Do you have any hints or tips for anyone wishing to fill your shoes one day? Yeah, work hard, I did and it pays off, no one will do it for you , get the tracks finished and get them out there, send to your favourite producers for some constructive feedback. Don't give up!!

How would you describe your music? Straight up in ya face DnB with a big influence from cinema.

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