WHEN you have a child, things invariably change and no more so than where you choose to dine.

At 16 months, our spritely little girl loves to wander around a restaurant with her dad in tow and me frantically watching that no one bumps into her.

Restaurants we used to dine in have to pass the Toddler Test and if I’m right in my thinking, it’s more difficult than Mensa!

That being said, many of the high street chains are very family friendly and one of my favourites, Las Iguanas was no exception.

We arrived bang on 5.30pm and like an exploding bomb, we were counting down the minutes until our lovely girl got too tired. T minus 60 minutes.

Luckily for us the Lunch and Early Evening Menu was on (until 6.30pm) giving you a choice selection of the best dishes at a reduced rate. Oh and it was Happy Hour too! Bonus!

From as little as £1.95 you can enjoy folded tortilla pan roasted and filled with garlicky mushroom thyme and cheese or spicy chicken for that matter and for just one pound extra nachos, chicken wings, and the Brazilian favourite Dadinhos (cheesy cubes to you and me).

I’ve always liked Las Iguanas. I’m a long standing veggie (now come pesci) and I for one love their innovative range of vegan and vegetarian options - some of the best I’ve seen offered in chains such as this.

Unlike normal I’m spoilt for choice; Vegetable Enchilada’s; Quinoa Ensalada; and even Black Bean and Beetroot Burger all for just £6.95.

My meat-loving husband was much more interested in the slightly more expensive (by £1!) Burritos, Cuban Sandwich and for £2 more (or £8.95) it could have been a Blazing Bird (spicy chicken marinated in fiery cause with slaw and fries) or the Havan Club and BBQ Glazed Pork Ribs.

As we were celebrating my husbands new role we toasted with a gin-based cocktail, while our daughter chinked her beaker with our cocktail saucers.

While we were choosing and nibbling on our freshly prepared starters of Nachos smothered in sour cream, guacamole and salsa and BBQ Chicken Wings, our daughter took great pleasure in colouring in with crayons and and activity book provided by the very friendly and helpful staff.

Luckily for us, she waited to wander in-between our starters and main, just enough time to help things digest and for her to wave hello to our fellow diners.

A Burrito for each of us arrived, steaming hot with plenty of flavour - sweet potatoes, butternut squash and chickpea chill for me and smoked chipotle chicken for my husband.

Packed full with it’s usual stuffing of rice and salsa, the burritos were a bit too filling for the both of us and we had to ask for a doggy bag to take home, to which the friendly staff obliged.

At approximately 6.47pm we were given our bill and being 17 minutes over our designated Toddler Time, I can successfully report she was good as gold.

All in all Las Iguanas with it’s varied but reasonably priced menus, constant offers and great customer services, is a winner for any family wanting to grab a quick bite to eat.

The bill:

Large coke £3.50 2-4-1 tropical Bon Bon cocktail £7.95 Chicken wings £2.95 Nachos £2.95 Burritos veg £7.95 Burritos chicken £7.95 Sweet potato fries £3.95 Total £37.20

How it fared:

Ambience: 6/10 Service: 7/10 Food quality: 7/10 Children welcome - yes Disabled access - yes